Le Antonio’s Foundation started END BULLYING GLOBALLY initiative in January 2016 to educate and stop the monster of bullying in schools and colleges and to help victims to cope with it.

The END BULLYING GLOBALLY initiative was started after a student of Le Antonio’s Foundation Homework and Development Center confided in us that they were struggling with being bullied. We began interviewing the community youth and was faced with a challenge as we talked with children who are being bullied or are bullies themselves. We quickly realized that bullying is a global issue facing our youths. We knew instantly that our children need a voice, and since Le Antonio’s Foundation was formed on serving humanity, we answered the challenge to be the voice of our youths facing the monster of being bullied or being a bully. The Foundation decided the best way to solve this problem is to form education and professional network to illuminate bad effects of bullying and create structures of intervention, counseling and prevention mechanisms to support the youths that are affected by this.

We have rolled out the following four activities under End Bullying Globally Initiative:

  • End Bullying Globally Campaign
  • End Bullying Globally Support Groups
  • End Bullying Globally Forum
  • Victim Support


Le Antonio’s Foundation is a Jamaican registered charitable organization established in December 2013 with Registration Number: CA100-258C. The foundation was founded by Mr. Antonio McKoy, which aims to provide avenues to empower the lives of the children, youth, and families in the lower socioeconomic neighborhoods.


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